Naet’s Journey Pt.6

Target Audience? Between the age of 12 – 30. What is popular among the younger generations? I would like to put my music, my foot prints into the world. With most of the pop music being decided by the younger generations nowadays, I want to show people that when you create something you love with passion, and when you put your heart into the things you love to do, It will be a masterpiece of you life.

How will I pull it off? Electronic Dance Music has been a huge music genre over the decade and I have set my sight on creating EDM of my own to be shared with to the world. Of course, I will be adding in my very own signatures into the EDM I produce and this will make the music I make both original and special. The music I make will always be relatable to the audience as most of them will be about my experiences in life and what I observe of others who have inspiring stories.


Naet’s Journey Pt.5

Update: Recorded some ad libs for Broken Dreams and tried changing the key as some people were saying that the key was kind of low on the verse. Changing the key didn’t work well so I am currently trying to change the melody of the verse for Dylan to sing more comfortably.

On the Plus Side: I let a few people listen to Talk About You without vocals and it was pretty positive feedback for most of it but of course we won’t know until we out the vocals together. I am still thinking about who’s voice will best suit my song. Will update as soon as I find the right vocalist for my song Talk About You.


Naet’s Journey Pt.4

Update: Found some really cool sounds and messed around with the plugins (FL effector, Para EQ 2, Pitcher, etc. to find the ideal sounds for my songs. Did some replacements on the sounds of Broken Dreams and Talk About You. Will be looking forward to doing vocals on Talk About You.

How is the Album going? I currently have Into My Eyes, Broken Dreams, Talk About You and A ”nameless” song. Into My Eyes and Broken Dreams needs some mastering to be done perfectly and Talk About You is not recorded yet. The ”nameless” song is still in the process of lyric making.


Naet’s Journey Pt.3

Update: Worked on one of my songs, Broken Dream with my singer Dylan and we are currently trying to fit the vocals into the song nicely although there are some issues with the editing and I might just ask him to record the vocals again.

On the Plus Side: I created a new idea of a song on FL Studios and will be working towards that as a new song as well. Will be looking for a new singer for this song.


Naet’s Journey Pt.2

The way? I’m using FL studios to create my music and for the singers, currently if they have a microphone to use then they can use the microphone otherwise they can also use their phone, preferably iPhone or iPad. I will be getting my own microphone for my future after I am done with this EP.

When and How? I’m planning on releasing it through a third party, TuneCore that will publish my songs on almost every platform. I could pay TuneCore to professional master my songs but I thought that I should just let them publish my songs with 100% of my work put into it without help from professionals.

Where? As soon as they are publish it will be on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Rhapsody and etc. I will have a Youtube account as well and be posting my songs there as Youtube is one of the biggest platform in the world.


Naet’s Journey Pt.1

Who am I? I am a Music Producer and I try to put my own style and twists into the music I create.

What I want? I want to work with someone who I think can create the music that I or we can both be proud of and show it to the world. I want to tell people “I am here and this my music” through my music. I want people to feel something through my music. I’m currently working with 3 talented singers for my upcoming EP.

The plan? I’m planning on releasing an EP i’ve been working on for awhile now by the end of this year until mid next year.